Özkan Zere

​ Future Leader Today

An individual or a society willing to survive need better have or develop the below 3 character traits.  We may not be good at all of them as an individual, but knowing our strengths and playing to them might be a good idea. As for societies, organizations, companies, they are better of focusing on a balanced leadership team holding all these three traits. 

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Agile Mind Quick Feet 

Creative People

The mind of a newborn is curious. We come to the world to explore. Each time we fall, we get back up until we start walking properly. Being absorbed in learning experiences, we keep doing the same thing over & over again. When does this creative cycle turn into a vicious circle? This moment might be the right time for us to regain our enthusiasm & get back to our beginner mindset.
As individuals and societies, to exist in the future, we need to turn back to the creative trio; Curious Explorer, Agile Boxer & Resilient Warrior within us.

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Less Talk More Walk

Adaptable People

Change is the only constant, and we constantly need fresh perspectives & adjusted actions. A baby is born to become a child & to mature into an adult. Likewise, an idea is born, to become a startup & to mature into a company. As an adult or an established company, we might forget to check upon us. What has brought us here today might not always carry us into the future. 
As individuals and societies, to exist in the future, we need assistance from the adaptable trio; Eagle Eye Pilot, Go Getter Tiger & Homeless Nomad within us.

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Forward Looking Positive Mind

Positive People

Joy & sorrow are two sides of the same coin. The first sparks a movement, while the latter blows the candle. Played wisely, our mind is a beautiful instrument; you might have it as your servant and live in its palace. If you let it be your master, you may end up being tortured in your mind’s dungeons. This may be the right moment to rewrite our scenario for joyful experiences, omitting painful ones.
As individuals and societies, to exist in the future, we need support from the positive trio; Script Writer, Social Bug, Mindful Individual within us.