Özkan Zere

Fantastic Employee Experience

A Manifesto for the CEO

The purpose of a company is to create a customer, Drucker said.

The sustainability of a company is to keep the customers, we may add.

The success formula for any business is a Great Customer Experience.
And this is only possible through a Fantastic Employee Experience.

Measure The Pulse of Your People to Keep Your Culture Alive and Engaging!

The staff experience is to be the number one priority for the leader, otherwise the greatest ever customer experience you may have designed will slowly fade away and get crushed in the hands of your unhappy, disengaged employees.

A company culture is something live. It is organic. The organizational systems are inorganic and sometimes they seem like carved in stone. As inflexible as can be.

The diagnostics and frequent repetition of measurement of the pulse of each and every employee is vital. And a barometer continuously measuring the corporate climate is crucial.

As a leader you are responsible from realizing the potential of every single individual within your society. You have got to know them in person, why or why not they are not in their flow and performing with their whole potential.

If the number of people in the organization are exceeding the capacity of the leader for him or her to pay up close personal attention, then systems should be designed and perfectly implemented. An individual being aware of the fall of his or her performance, needs a helping hand and he/she might ask for some personal support. An "Urgent Personal Help" button may be designed within the corporate culture. And if I see the performance decline for a teammate, I may also push that button for the friend. We are blind to ourselves most of the time.

Another interesting help button may be an "Urgent Social Help" button for all the people in the organization to alert any decline in the PULSE of the society.

Culture may eat Strategy at Breakfast. But Intellectual Societies may have Culture for increasing their "Jobs to be Done" appetite.

Would you like your Culture to be your Appetizer for Success?

You better be. If not your society will be eaten out soon, for sure.

Bon Appetite...

OZ The Voyager

February 1st, 2020