Özkan Zere

Vulnerable Talks 2

So here it goes, the second round of Vulnerable Talks...

Thank you all; our 7 guest speakers for being you and sharing you...

We thank all who have been with us on this journey...

We invite you to follow; it looks like the series shall continue for a while..

Blessings... Big Hug...

Sheri A.Sayar Özkan Zere

~ . ~

In the second round of the Vulnerable Talks,

New 7 Guest Speakers has taken their spot and shared their own vulnerable stories... The session is held in English.

- A group of 7 People as speakers.

- 3 Questions given in advance to speakers.

- During the session 3 minute time allocated to each speaker. The 3 questions for this session;

1. What kind of emotional changes have you observed in the last 2 months within yourself?

2. What is the biggest problem you have been facing and how has this been making you feel? Any deviation from the norm/routine practices in your life?

3. What are some of the coping methods you’ve found to be effective?