Özkan Zere


HUMAN TOUCH is simply the primal need for us to carry on in this inhumane world. Whether we work for a company or we buy from a company, we all love to have some special attention. We have got this urge to be UNDERSTOOD.

Once we have this privilege, we go all the way. We thrive for serving a purpose (STAFF EXPERIENCE) and we are ready to pay something extra for being spoiled (CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE).

A GIANT TRANSFORMATION story we have got here; rising up simply on fulfilling this basic need of ours: THE HUMAN TOUCH.

2012 has been recorded as the year when things were going as expected for another brick and mortar giant. BEST BUY was going down the drain. Another easy hunt for Amazon; people believed so, but life always offers us an element of surprise. Yes, here we are with the story of a major comeback!

Hubert Joly took over the responsibility. His first mission was to be in the front-lines with his people. This is the only way you can grasp what your business is, not from your high and mighty towers at your brilliant Board Rooms. This is also the only way where your presence boosts the staff experience. Just listen to them, and then filter the noise and come up with a crystal clear voice of your people. They know BEST. Act upon the BEST ideas and then see how your STAFF EXPERIENCE will shine like a diamond. I am telling you that your STAFF is going to shine; let everyone else talk about lousy bloody staff engagement...

It is obviously an iterative process and instant gains are always welcome on giant TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES like this one. I am sure there has been many instances. This is the only way you can keep the steam up.

Simultaneous attempts on the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE side of the game is also vital. We need the CASH ENGINE up and running. When things were getting real ugly as being a HUNT for Amazon, the customers visiting the BEST BUY stores were just coming to choose what to buy and then the purchase was done online with a better price.

In any business, if you only compete on price, you will disappear sooner or later, regardless of your industry.

The qualified BEST BUY staff started working as an ADVISOR to the CUSTOMER. The advisory service was not only at the stores but the Customers had the luxury of getting guidance at the comfort and privacy of their home. The best part is that these advisors had no pressure to SELL anything to customers. They were simply advising.

Yes, some major changes on the e-business part of the game was also vital for the turn around. In the end, this is also for giving luxury and serving for CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Major suppliers like Apple and Samsung have also been taken on board during this turn around. In the end, they needed these retail spaces as their show rooms and they gave a hand.

All the success stories when explained seem so SIMPLE. Oh yes Simple is Genius, only after being simplified by a CLEAR MIND.

I am telling you, by all means it is very simple:

Once you have a VALID BUSINESS not becoming obsolete soon, all you need is LOVE for
And then you hit the JACKPOT, simple Nah?

Özkan ZERE
March 7th, 2019

PS: I am sure we are going to see more brick and mortar acquisition by Amazon in the near future.
Please see below, the original article upon which I have iterated this scribble of mine.