Özkan Zere

Why Am I

Life is in flux. We are all in our own riverbeds and meandering in our own version of the river of life. 

For all those being in tune with the Flow, reading the conditional patterns and getting into action for a better future, tomorrow is always promising. 

Heraclitus put it wisely, viewing the magnificent city of Ephesus from its hills:

" Everything is in flow. Nothing stands still. No man could ever step in the same river twice."

If you leave your faith solely in the hands of the flow, you may as well share the destiny of the city of Ephesus: 

"Once the heart of the civilization and the host for one of the Seven Wonders of The World, 

Now a not to be missed touristic sight of an ancient city in ruins."

It is always our choice. An individual firm decision. A crystal clear purpose for a society. A company. A non profit. A city. A country.

My mission is to inspire people and societies to get into action NOW for The Future via performing OZ Talks, OZ Workshops & OZ Journeys.  I want to inspire you and I want to be inspired by you.

If one single individual is taking action for oneself or a society starts moving towards a better future after my talks or workshops, it is only then that I have fulfilled my mission. 

Get out there and be useful; this is my raison d’être. I just want to be the igniting spark. That's it...

Just keep in mind Heraclitus, echoing from 26 centuries ago: "The only constant is change."

And yes, we can all change towards a better version of ourselves. Starting NOW!...