Özkan Zere

OZ Journeys

OZ Guidance is a Journey…

We decide and create our future with our own hands.

The Leadership Team signs a Commitment document.

Guiding Teams are formed to lead Change Initiatives.

We deliver workshops, speeches and we communicate for buy-in.

We provide guidance and our aspiration is to grow through learning…

"Managing Today" is Your Job. 

"Creating Tomorrow" is also Your Job. 


And OZ The Voyager is here to Guide Your Change Journey.

Let's Think Together & Co-create Your Future...

~ . ~ 

We are setting of to a journey for co-creating the future. The goal is worthy. 

The transformational change journey is destined for 18 months in average.

Our dream is to grow through creating our own future...

~ . ~ 

Typically, we start with a "Leading Transformational Change" workshop for the Leadership Team of the Company, after having made an extensive pre-work.

The Team signs a commitment to a commitment manifesto within the workshop.

Typically, 2 change initiatives are chosen, one for the core business, one for the culture.

Two guiding teams for the 2 initiatives are formed. Necessary guidance is provided during the selection of these teams and the project kick-off meetings.

Frequent visits for giving guidance to the teams ensure the change projects are up and running at all times.

To gain the buy-in from the majority of the people for the change initiatives, communication plans are designed, including delivering talks to large audiences within the company.

When the change is encoded in the DNA of the company, our mission is accomplished.