Özkan Zere

OZ Talks

OZ Talks are conversational not conventional.

Keep an open mind. Join OZ Talks. Exchange ideas genuinely. 

Sessions are mapped towards a clear destination.

The contribution of the participants makes each journey unique.

Together, we tap into unexplored lands…

Inspire & Be Inspired” is our raison d'être…

Suggested Topics & Content for OZ Talks

Gem To Jewel 

Time for inner reflection. Life is Long. Careers are Short. A fresh look into our talents, strengths, skills. It is never to late to find a new vocation to fall in love. Are you in your element? Are you in the Flow ? When was the last time you did something for the first time? Let's get into action, try something new. Let's tap into our unexplored potential.

OZ Talks is on the move with “Is this the best you can do?” motto. 

Positive Leader

Whether we are aware or not, we are the leading character in a script we have written. And who do you think is directing this play? It is time to rewrite scenario and delete the unuseful applications encoded in our minds. Let's care for our smart minds as well as our smartphones. Let's be mindful. Let's choose a positive state of mind, and then broadcast happiness. 

OZ Talks is on the road with a “Forward Looking Positive State of Mind”.

Adaptable Leader

The best way to predict the future is not to think and talk but to get into action and do something about it.   Now is the right time to unlearn and relearn. And making change stick in our DNA is our no 1 priority. We are on the road for a worthy ideal or goal, day and night. We are continuously recreating the game. It is also the time for a Helicopter View. Are we doing the right thing? We are nomads, looking for a better place to live. Always. We are ready to change before we have to. 

OZ Talks is offering us abundance by “Less Talk, More Walk”.

Creative Leader

The journey for some place new and unknown. Courage for the first step. Get out there and sing your song before you think you are ready. Time to wake up the Curious Explorer inside. We are taking a leap to our learning zone, leaving the comfort cone behind. The ideas come out Raw, not fully Formed. Only through resilience, we achieve success.  We get up back on our feet and keep on walking, no matter how hard we get hit. Fall 7 times, Get-up for the 8th. Let's create the future with our own hands.

OZ Talks kicks off for “Agile Mind Quick Feet 

More Topics are always possible

Make Change Stick - Mothership vs Innovation Boat - Shiny Happy Employees - Humane Leadership - Happiness is a Serious Business Issue - Philosophy based Leadership

Change, Innovation, Engagement, Employee Experience, Individual Development,  Genuine Leadership are the main topics.  Being Human is always the focus for OZ Talks....