Özkan Zere

Innovation as per my perception

“You know what the game of golf is, don't you? It's basketball for people who can't jump

and chess for people who can't think.” ― Tom Robbins, B Is for Beer.

So, what is the game of innovation; Golf / Tennis / Basketbal / Chess?

I tell you what, it is none of them… But maybe, it is Poker, is it? Who’d argue?...

Let's assume that you are wide awake in this world and watching (looking and seeing):

 the game

 everyone

 the surroundings

 the climate

 the field conditions and

 as many things/factors 

as u can perceive and after all the inputs you're able to grasp,

you do come up with a unique & fresh suggestion/an idea at large.

And while executing the idea, let’s assume you are:

 agile enough & backed up with the resources so that you reap what you sow

 before any giant/shark gets your idea & realizes the potential before you do

only then you may be remembered as an Innovator or else, having succeeded on all but lagging on the very last leg of the race you will always be remembered as the Tesla of our hearts which by the way is an excellent name you'd wish to attain.

So go out there and "find" something FRESH

something that we don't know we NEED...

and remember you gotto be quick on your feet!

OZ Nov. 17th, 1:00 am,

triggered by an innovation post based on the game of golf :)