Özkan Zere

Angry and Sad People

Tips For A Cultural Transformation

None of us is as smart as all of us; common intelligence is a huge power...

For creating the common future that we dream of, it is necessary to activate this common intelligence...

And to get ready for this activation, we just need awareness...

Let's be aware of the anger and sadness within us. 

Let's pay attention to the angry and sad people around us.

There is still hope for a community of Angry and Sad People. Only if we become aware of its damage and can't help saying out loud: "Enough is enough! Let's start a cultural transformation." 

A cultural transformation is only possible when you start listening to these angry and sad people. Throughout this journey, our common intelligence is to be balanced with common emotions. We need to listen with our heart and process in our rational mind.

Of course, there is only one prerequisite for this cultural transformation to happen: The Will of the Leader.

If there is no leader and leadership team bringing in the willpower for this transformation,

   then after a while these angry and sad people are going to join one of the 3 categories:

   i . the exhausted ones among us continue to stay on our boat with their lowest performance,

   ii.  those who have given up will leave us for joining other boats with the dream of  finding leaders who will listen to them,


   iii. the worst of all, the resentful ones with their accumulated anger; they stay with us and start drilling a hole in our boat.

~ . ~

"Ambition, Perseverance, Intelligence, Getting The Job Done"; all of these will of course be always crucial to succeed in the business world.

Without these, it is not possible to achieve commercial success.

However, maintaining the commercial success achieved is not going to be possible by being stuck in the past success. It is going to be possible by keeping the pulse of the present moment for the organization.

The pulse of the company consists of the pulses of the people who make up that community.

Let's just visit the 3 categories above:

   i. the hearts of the exhausted ones are vaguely beating, it is necessary to bring them back to life and just listening to their story might do the work of an electric shock...

   ii. it is necessary to listen to those who are leaving us, at least when they are leaving; for those who want to face the truth of their culture, there lies an information of treasure...

   iii. those who are drilling holes in the boat should be confronted with what they are doing, without skipping to listen to their reason, before they are asked to leave...

Of course, there are still positive people paddling strong, and that's how this boat moves. You need to appreciate them and listen to them too. However, if there are things that go wrong, it is vital to listen to the angry and sad people with compassion.

Grit and Compassion are hand in hand; The Future lies here!

Our future is in the hands of the "Angry and Sad People"...

Let's embrace them. Let's listen to their pulse with our heart...

Özkan Zere


Let me just drop you a short recipe here:

All we need is; "two spoons of grit and one spoon of awareness and one spoon of compassion"...

(This scribble is for companies which achieved some commercial success and are now flatlining in their plateau and still milking their past success. If they are bothered with complacency, if they sense the threat of the future, if their culture is having cracks, and at the edge of breaking, it is definitely time to listen to the pulse of the sad and the angry.)

Özkan Zere · Angry And Sad People

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

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