Özkan Zere

Rewrite Your Script

The Paradigm Shift Requires Mind Shift

This is not one planet & 8 billion people. 

This is 8 billion people & 8 billion planets.

Your world exists due to your existence. 

Your perception creates your unique world in which you are the leading character. 

On your life’s stage, are you authentic and genuine, or are you wearing a mask? 

Are you the author of your personal script, or is this just fate or pure chance? 

Do you feel that you might rewrite some new chapters for yourself?

It is definitely the right time to create a new world with the right frame of mind.

Let’s ignite a self revolution with a true sense of urgency.

Let’s switch lanes from vicious circles to creative cycles...

These ambiguous times are a Wake Up Call.  

Now is the precise moment to rewrite your script… 

Özkan Zere


The above text is a description of the one hour interactive session, I have delivered for the members of the "Beirut Online Professional Networking Group" on Internations Platform. 

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