Özkan Zere

Less Talk More Walk

Adaptive People

Change is the only constant, and we constantly need fresh perspectives & adjusted actions. 

A baby is born to become a child & to mature into an adult. 

Likewise, an idea is born, to become a startup & to mature into a company. 

As an adult or an established company, we might forget to check upon us. 

What has brought us here today might not always carry us into the future. 

As individuals and societies, to exist in the future, we need assistance from the adaptable trio within us; 

Eagle Eye Pilot, Go Getter Tiger & Homeless Nomad…

Özkan Zere

April 20th, 2021

The above text is a description of the interactive session, I have delivered for the members of the "Beirut Online Professional Networking Group" on Internations Platform. 

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Below is a short video introduction on the topic:

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash